Private Insurance Rules

IN 2010 the insurance companies convinced the state legislature that people in the private insurance makret were "gaming the system" and causing the insurance companies to lose money. So the state legislature changed the law governinng when and under what circumstances individuals can buy insurance in the private market place. No advocates were consulted on this change before it became law. This new law did not change the rules for those in subsidized care, or how businesses can buy insurance. The law only changed it for those individuals who earn over 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Line. (For the record the Artists Health Care Working and Healthcare for were against how this change was put into place and testified against it).

There is now a strict open enrollment period and if individuals miss that period they will more than likely be locked out of buying insurance unless they have a "qualifying event". Note if your employer offers you insurance and it meets minimal credible coverage, you are not allowed to forgo you employer's insurance and buy insurance on the private market place- unless you have a qualifying event (so if you dont' like the insurance your employer is offering you is not sufficent to allow you to buy private insurance even if you can afford it). For more information see the Connector's PDF fact page. We also urge you to call Health Care for All's FREE Helpline for information and help: 1-800-272-4232. AND call your state representative and state senator and urge them to change this law!